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Memory is a memory game. The game consists of different cards.

Playing memory games, also known as Pairs or Concentration, turn-up or pairs game is a good training for memory, attention and concentration - for any age group from children to seniors.

Just turn over the cards to find all the matches before time runs out. Discover crazy pairs and funny cards - the fun never stops.

1. choose two cards and turn them over.

2. If you don't match, turn over again.

With each successive level, more pairs of cards are included in the memory and the harder the game becomes.

As with similar computer games, Memory actively trains the brain's memory skills. The more you play, the better your brain is trained to remember the different combinations of pictures and their positions.

The tactics of playing memory are such that you try to remember where which card is so that when you turn over the first card, you know where its counterpart is. There are also other tactics to succeed in the game. For example, there are people who make up a story to go with the cards they turn over, so they can remember what lies where. Of course, the first pairs to be revealed are always those where you are fairly sure which picture lies where. On the one hand, this way you have already collected pairs and it is easier if you only have to choose between the few remaining cards.

With the right strategies, the older ones have a good chance of not doing well at the game alone. An active brain is invaluable in everyday life and it prevents diseases like dementia. When playing online, they can think of strategies at their leisure, try them out, and play out what they've learned at the next family night.

Assemble the picture of the sliding puzzle - with as few clicks as possible!

You just have to put together the motif on the photo in the puzzle. If all pieces are correct (the field at the bottom right remains empty), the puzzle is solved. Good luck!

Can't solve a sliding puzzle? This brain teaser can be very tricky at times, but you can solve it quickly if you understand the proper process behind it. Whether the grid is 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or larger, the puzzle can be easily solved if you start with the top left corner and work your way down until you only have a 3x2 grid to slide.

Many players find solving the sliding puzzle exceptionally difficult and dismiss it as a useless item in frustration. However, with the right approach and a little practice, it is possible for anyone to solve the puzzle in a reasonable amount of time. Step-by-step instructions cannot be given, as each puzzle has a different starting arrangement.

The first difficulty in solving a sliding puzzle is that you can't just move pieces from one arbitrary square to another. In fact, the possibilities for moving individual pieces are extremely limited and you will have great difficulty in bringing about controlled shifts if you concentrate only on moving pieces. It is easier to imagine moving the empty field, because it can be moved back and forth across the field at any time.

Whether you circle counterclockwise or clockwise doesn't matter in the end. At worst, you have to circle a few moves longer. You will learn over time to quickly recognize which direction is the shorter one.

Tricks on how to successfully solve a memory game

1. with emotion to memory victory - linking emotions with pictures

Emotional impressions can be better stored by the brain. For example, the earthy smell of the forest can evoke memories of the last hike. Try to link the pictures on the memory cards to emotions. The cat in the picture looks just like your cat? Good! From now on, name this card after your cat.

2. Concentration please: Only the memory game counts!

Don't think about the fact that lunch still has to be cooked or that you promised your best friend that you would call him later. Be completely concentrated. Now only the game counts! You can improve your concentration with small attention exercises. Stop and listen to your breath or try meditation exercises. With the appropriate attention, you are sure to succeed in the next round of memory.

3 Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to memory.

If you play Memory, Kakuro or Bingo, you will train your memory. You will notice that after some time it will be much easier for you to remember things. In everyday life, you can challenge your memory with small exercises. For example, try to remember all the details of your last vacation or recall in detail a past conversation with a friend. Even the contents of your refrigerator can become a training session: On the go, try to remember all the food that is currently in it.

4. clever links in memory - with associations to success

The fourth card in the second row shows a sunflower? Imagine four sunflowers standing in the second row in the middle of a field full of roses, which corresponds to the arrangement of the cards. Or try to link information about the field with a melody. Sing where which pictures are located. When information is linked to sensory input, it is easier to remember. Try it out at the next game of Memory!

How long has Memory been around and who invented it?

The parlor game known as Memory was published in 1959 by Ravensburger Verlag. The game developers were inspired by the "twin game", which existed before but was never commercially successful. A similar game idea called "Pairs" existed far before. Memory got its name because a game developer heard children who wanted to play it together say : "Let's play your memory game".

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